Solvedobs virtual cam Zoom windows application fails to activate camera, while it works with Skype on the same machine

Virtual camera works well with Skype but I cannot make it work with the zoom application on Windows 10.

Zoom application gives the error saying:
Cannot start video
Failed to start the video camera. Please select another video camera in Settings.

I tried both 64 bit obs and 32 bit obs, latest version.
I used the Latest installer of virtual cam:

Could anyone please help me troubleshoot the issue?

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I made a shitty patch that replaces the problematic DllSafeCheck.dll file installed by the newest version of Zoom with a dummy one that does nothing. Use at own risk etc.

Source code: __declspec(dllexport) void HackCheck (void) { return; }

Other Answers:

I am having the exact same issue even though it had worked up until a few hours ago. I am puzzled.

EDIT: Version 4.6.8 is the cause. They must have changed something. I still had the link to the previous version in my download manager history. Upon installing 4.6.7 everything is working again.

As a workaround - I've just confirmed that using the OBS NDI plugin (which lets you export your OBS output over the NewTek "Network Device Interface) from here:™-integration-into-obs-studio.528/ and NewTek's free NDI Tools, from here:

works, even within the same PC. (You need to enable OBS NDI output in the Tools menu... and then launch the "VirtualInput" tool from the NDI Toolkit - it will add a little notification bar widget which you can use to point it at the new NDI output. The VirtualInput will then appear to Zoom (and Skype etc) as a new camera device - and whatever it does differently seems to be acceptable to Zoom, as it was loaded perfectly.)

Confirmed. Latest Zoom is working with obs-virtual-cam v2.0.4.