Solveddjango blog zinnia Zinnia0.18, in Python3 venv, DEBUG on, Cannot resolve keyword 'entries' into field. Choices are:avatar, comment_comments,...

I'm using Django 1.10 and I'm trying to deploy blog Zinnia in a Python 3 virtualenv.
I installed Zinnia 0.18 using pip, and followed the "get started" guide to set everything in my site and, then made the migrations.
However, when I went to , the exception raised.

django.core.exceptions.FieldError: Cannot resolve keyword 'entries' into field. Choices are: avatar, comment_comments, comment_flags, date_joined, email, first_name, groups, id, is_active, is_staff, is_superuser, last_login, last_name, logentry, password, user_permissions, username

I looked up issues solved (or closed) before, but unluckily none of them works for me.

Apps I installed:


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I don't understand what's going under the hood, but here is what I have found.

When DEBUG is True, the django.contrib.admin app will apply some check functions on the ModelAdmin class.

When executing the _check_list_display on CommentsAdmin, this provoke the issue when checking the attribute 'name' which is a property, not a real field.

It seems that the check function make a call onmodel._meta.get_field(item), and destroy the the relationship between the models for a non obvious reason, but certainly related on how the property is calculated (it's a DB call)...

Making this check call later solve the issue, because the relationship on the Entry model seems OK.

Django_comment should change the CommentsAdmin.list_display to make 'name' a callable, which will defer the check, and do it properly, but I don't think that they will change this now...

So I will the update the documentation.

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django blog zinnia Zinnia0.18, in Python3 venv, DEBUG on, Cannot resolve keyword 'entries' into field. Choices are:avatar, comment_comments,...
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