SolvedCarthage Xcode 11.0 Beta 4 fails to archive Swift-containing frameworks w/ Bitcode · Workaround Available

  • carthage install method: [ ] .pkg, [x ] homebrew, [ ] source
  • which carthage: /usr/local/bin/carthage
  • carthage version: 0.33.0
  • xcodebuild -version: Build version 11M374r
  • Are you using --no-build? no
  • Are you using --no-use-binaries? no
  • Are you using --use-submodules? no
  • Are you using --cache-builds? no
  • Are you using --new-resolver? no



github "soffes/CommonCrypto"
github "soffes/Crypto"
github "MagicalPanda/MagicalRecord"
github "timbueno/TBDirectoryKit"
github "" ~> 5.0.0
github "timbueno/GCDWebServer" ~> 3.3.34
github "ashleymills/Reachability.swift" ~> 4.0
github "shinydevelopment/SimulatorStatusMagic" ~> 1.9.2
github "PierrePerrin/ShadowView"

Carthage Output

ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)


The following build commands failed:
	Ld /Users/tim/Library/Caches/org.carthage.CarthageKit/DerivedData/11.0_11M374r/Alamofire/4.8.2/Build/Intermediates.noindex/ArchiveIntermediates/Alamofire\ iOS/IntermediateBuildFilesPath/\ normal arm64
(1 failure)
Build Failed
	Task failed with exit code 65:
	/usr/bin/xcrun xcodebuild -workspace /Users/tim/Projects/Bound/Carthage/Checkouts/Alamofire/Alamofire.xcworkspace -scheme Alamofire\ iOS -configuration Release -derivedDataPath /Users/tim/Library/Caches/org.carthage.CarthageKit/DerivedData/11.0_11M374r/Alamofire/4.8.2 -sdk iphoneos ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH=NO CODE_SIGNING_REQUIRED=NO CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY= CARTHAGE=YES archive -archivePath /var/folders/tl/v7ygpjb93xgbk8mz478x769m0000gn/T/Alamofire SKIP_INSTALL=YES GCC_INSTRUMENT_PROGRAM_FLOW_ARCS=NO CLANG_ENABLE_CODE_COVERAGE=NO STRIP_INSTALLED_PRODUCT=NO (launched in /Users/tim/Projects/Bound/Carthage/Checkouts/Alamofire)

This usually indicates that project itself failed to compile.

Actual outcome
Carthage fails to compile dependencies after updating to Xcode 11 Beta 4.

Expected outcome
Carthage should compile these dependencies.

23 Answers

✔️Accepted Answer

To solve the issue create a workaround.xcconfig file. This file can live elsewhere - like your desktop.


Then doing the following should work

XCODE_XCCONFIG_FILE=/Users/SomeUser/SomeDirectory/Project/workaround.xcconfig carthage update platform iOS

Other Answers:

As suggested by @jdhealy in a private conversation the best workaround is:

  1. Create a Xcode11Beta4Fix.xcconfig containing:
  1. Then
XCODE_XCCONFIG_FILE=/absolute/path/to/Xcode11Beta4Fix.xcconfig carthage update --platform iOS

All credit to @jdhealy

Actually the xcconfig file worked for me, it just had to be an absolute path and not relative, that would be much easier to do what @kaandedeoglu suggested.

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