Solvedcordova ios WKWebView reports wrong size in Cordova iOS 6.1.0

Bug Report


After upgrading my iOS app to 6.1.0, there's about a centimetre of the screen at the bottom which the webview doesn't seem to extend to. I have a tab menu bar at the bottom of the app, and it's floating above the bottom of the screen. Nothing I do in the CSS allows me to move the tabs any lower in the screen, as though the webview just stops. However, if I background the app then foreground it again, the tabs are now in the right place and the blank part is no longer there.

When I execute $(window).height() initially after startup, this reports the screen height as 818px. After backgrounding and foregrounding the app, it reports 896px.

What is expected to happen?

The WKWebView should extend the full height of the screen.

What does actually happen?

The WKWebView seems to be missing 78 pixels.


I can replicate in the HelloWorld app, so I think this may be a bug in Cordova iOS.

This is how I investigated. Firstly, in my app I removed all my JS, HTML and CSS, but I left jQuery in. When I open the app, $(window).height() reports 818px. After backgrounding and then foregrounding the app, $(window).height() reports 896px.

So, then I created a standard HelloWorld project:

cordova create hello com.example.hello HelloWorld
cordova platform add ios@6.1.0

The only change I made to the helloworld app was to include jQuery. I then ran this on my iPhone XS Max and inspected the app from within my Mac's Safari. Again, $(window).height() reports 818px until I background and then foreground the app. After this, $(window).height() reports 896px.

Environment, Platform, Device

iOS 6.1.0. As far as I can tell, all iPhones are affected. For example, iPhone 8 Plus initially reports its window height as 716px, but then this changes to 736px after backgrounding and foregrounding the app.

Version information

Cordova CLI: 9.0.0
macOS 10.15.5
Xcode 11.5


  • I searched for existing GitHub issues
  • I updated all Cordova tooling to most recent version
  • I included all the necessary information above
23 Answers

✔️Accepted Answer

Add some code in CordovaLib/Classes/Private/Plugins/CDVWebViewEngine/CDVWebViewEngine.m

    // re-create WKWebView, since we need to update configuration
    WKWebView* wkWebView = [[WKWebView alloc] initWithFrame:self.engineWebView.frame configuration:configuration];
    // add begin
    if (@available(iOS 11.0, *)) {
        [wkWebView.scrollView setContentInsetAdjustmentBehavior:UIScrollViewContentInsetAdjustmentNever];
    // add end
    wkWebView.UIDelegate = self.uiDelegate;

Other Answers:

We've already set viewport-fit=cover, but there is still white space at the first launch, after resume from background, the white space disappears. Or turn to landscape and back, the white space disappears, too.

If use viewport-fit=cover and body {height:100%}, the height of html body still can not reach the bottom, but the background-color of body can cover the fullscreen(so it's a body backgroundColor space rather than a white space).

Change height: 100% to height: 100vh fix the problem, but is has other side effects.

Tha's why we need a new preference to control it, viewport-fit=cover is not we need.

height: 100vh is the correct way to fix the problem

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