Solvedansible Windows 10/WSL: Ansible cannot read ansible.cfg from NTFS mounts


Ansible 2.6.1 added #42070 which makes Ansible ignore ansible.cfg files in 777 directories. The problem is that all NTFS mounts (anything under /mnt/c) in WSL on Windows 10 are 777 because their permissions are managed by Windows.

Detecting a WSL install is pretty easy, I have been using ansible_kernel.find('Microsoft') != -1 to detect WSL. Tested on Arch, Ubuntu and Kali.

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ansible 2.6.1
  config file = None
  configured module search path = [u'/home/cbailey/.ansible/plugins/modules', u'/usr/share/ansible/plugins/modules']
  ansible python module location = /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ansible
  executable location = /usr/local/bin/ansible
  python version = 2.7.15 (default, May  1 2018, 05:55:50) [GCC 7.3.0]



Windows 10 + any WSL distro

  1. Install a WSL distro
  2. sudo pip install ansible==2.6.1
  3. Put an ansible.cfg some where on your C:\ drive
  4. cd to Directory from WSL
  5. Run any Ansible command

ansible.cfg files on Windows mounts in WSL are not ignored


ansible.cfg file is ignored with the following warning:

[WARNING] Ansible is in a world writable directory (/mnt/c/**), ignoring it as an ansible.cfg source.
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I think I found a solution for 2.6.1 and so on...

Create this file in your wsl: /etc/wsl.conf


enabled = true
mountFsTab = false
root = /mnt/
options = "metadata,umask=22,fmask=11"

generateHosts = true
generateResolvConf = true

After that all /mnt/c/foo will have different folder permissions (not 777 any more) and you will be able to use chmod.
It requires you to have the latest WSL as far as I know.
wsl.conf docs

Other Answers:

I absolutely understand the need for security, but there should at least be an option some how to disable that. Maybe something that has to be in the /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg specifically or something similar that makes it harder to flip on.

There are other use cases where it would not just be a Windows 10 NTFS mount to WSL that this would occur. If you have an NTFS mount or an Azure File Share mount on a locked down Linux build box, the mount would be 777, but it does not mean it is insecure to trust files from that location.

OpenSSH does not stop you from enabling root password login, but it does tell you it is a bad idea. Most security guidelines are relative to what the purpose is and the context around it.


Solution for Vagrant, edit Vagrantfile and add mount_options:

config.vm.synced_folder "../my-folder", "/home/vagrant/my-folder",  mount_options: ["dmode=775"]

Oh ha, this seems to work

export ANSIBLE_CONFIG=./ansible.cfg

Throw that in any vagrant/docker/wsl setups

This is a nice example why ansible is a high upkeep module to build your project on.

I have prepared a vagrant+virtualbox+ansible project 3 years ago. Since then every 5 months ansible breaks. I have to implement workarounds to KEEP IT WORKING THE SAME WAY. So I can't tell the (few) users of the system that "this works", because every so often it just breaks. This was working 3 weeks ago, and it is not working now. And it's not a mayor version change, just a minor one, so breaking changes are not an option.

(see "touch" not implemented for years, apt module not having autoremove but has warnings implemented that I should not call "apt" as a command, stat.md5 removed without notice, vault_password.txt location was not allowed to set in ansible.cfg (feature request closed, then years later implemented) etc...)

You need to use workarounds every few weeks to get the same result as before.

I was hoping for a more mature project management from Redhat and ansible 2.0, but let this be a warning for the newcomers, that ansible needs upkeep.

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