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It took me some time to figure out how to compile the olcPGE example on Linux.
The following code may be a good start for the corresponding wiki page:

The following dependencies must be installed including the development files using your packet manager:

  • glew: Modern OpenGL interface.
  • libpng: Portable Network Graphics library to load .png-files.
  • X11: Basic graphics interface for Linux to create a windows.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
LIBS="$(pkg-config --libs glew) $(pkg-config --libs libpng) $(pkg-config --libs x11) -lpthread"
g++ -std=c++17 -o ./olcPGE $LIBS ./olcExampleProgram.cpp
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Hey that's great! Im working through the documentation, trying to bring it up to scratch. I'll certainly add this in! I'll keep this open for now for others to see.

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Ok ok. I found the issue.

I was indeed compiling out of order. And it wasn't until I was watching another video that he skimmed over the header top and I saw the correct order.

g++-8 olcExampleProgram.cpp -o ExampleProgram -lX11 -lGL -lpthread -lpng -lstdc++fs -std=c++17

you need to use g++8 or higher. for the filesystem library to be found.

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olcPixelGameEngine Wiki-Entry "Compiling on Linux"
Hey that's great! Im working through the documentation trying to bring it up to scratch ...