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Remaining action items:

  • environment config #1364
  • path mapping #1359
  • sass/less/stylus (tests) #1363
  • ng test errors #1359
  • remove require from test shim #1359
  • remove SystemJS dependency #1376
  • figure out lazy loading
  • remove vendor.ts #1383
  • remove material2 specific options #1385
  • --source-dir support #1378
  • clean up broccoli remnants #1386
  • remove windows elevation check #1384
  • fix prod builds #1395
  • add ng e2e test using prod builds #1394
  • overall cleanup #1388
  • disable HMR #1402
  • review documentation #1407
  • support arbitrary environments in runtime config #1404
  • squiggly lines on editor with decorator errors #1420
  • fix libs option in tsconfig.json #1425
  • remove #1426
  • use karma config and remove reporters #1437
  • re-add outDir to an ignored folder #1428
  • add host options to ng serve #1442
  • add @types support #1449
  • sourcemaps in unit tests don't work #1447

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Thanks everyone. This issue is now closed as the WebPack branch is merged. If you have build issues, please create separate issues on github instead of refering to this.

A NPM package will be published sometime this week with this. It will use a separate dist-tag, probably named webpack.

I want to specially thank @TheLarkInn and @filipesilva for their work on this. Without you, it's clear we'd still be using Broccoli. Good work to both of you!

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Can't wait for this to hit npm! Hoping the upgrade path is ready to by then! :)

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