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There appears to be no clear statement, regarding if WebP Encoding / Decoding will be added at any point in time. The only references to "WebP" i could find, was #11 (comment), which i don't know if it holds any value.

WebP support isn't listed in anywhere meaningful like #10 (Codecs) or an unchecked item in Features like Tiff support is.

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I am working on support for webp. So far decoding of lossless images is almost done. I will continue with decoding lossy after that. Its still alot of work to do, though. We have a gitter subchannel Formats, where i post regular updates on this.

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OK Peeps, Initial WebP support has been merged into our master branch and is available in our MyGet feed.

Now we need you to step up and help us out to make it go fast! #1786

Yep, we're very close! We need to do a final performance and API sanity check though.

I've already identified performance issues with Huffman decoding/encoding but we need to document them via profiling to allow work to be done there.

If anyone reading this thread want to profile encoding and encoding and add the info here that would be great. Better yet, if someone want to do some performance work in that area we can finally get it over the line!

I appreciate you continuing this effort. The lib is working great for my small time dev projects and its all c#!

Just wanted to let you know

The code would be merged and the issue closed if that was the case. We’re pretty close now. I plan on a thorough review this week.

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