Solvedvscodium VSCodium 1.45.0 cannot authenticate with Github

Describe the bug
VSCodium 1.45.0 cannot authenticate with Github.

Please confirm that this problem is VSCodium-specific

  • This bug doesn't happen if I use Microsoft's Visual Studio Code. It only happens in VSCodium.

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To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Clone a Github repository and work on it, committing changes, work on branches locally, etc.
  2. Push to remote or publish a branch, etc.
  3. Click "Allow" on the dialog that says "The extension 'Git' wants to sign in using Github."
  4. Click "Open" on the dialog that says "Do you want VSCodium to open the external website?"
  5. A page launches in my web browser (Firefox 76.0.1) with the header "Authorize Visual Studio Code to access GitHub", click "Continue." (I wonder if this shows the problem because VSCodium is identifying itself to Github as Visual Studio Code???)
  6. It fails with a page that says "Oh no! An error occurred! Please restart the sign in process from the editor. Forbidden".

Expected behavior
Github web authentication to succeed without error.

Here is the Github error page:

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: RHEL 8.2 (Gnome 3.32.2 in Xorg mode with Linux kernel 4.18.0)
  • Architecture: x86_64
  • Version: 1.45.0

Additional context
This does not happen with Microsoft's build of Visual Studio Code.

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✔️Accepted Answer

I "forced" the authentication via Github PR extension

Tested on 2 computers.


Version: 1.45.0
Commit: d69a79b73808559a91206d73d7717ff5f798f23c
OS: Linux x64 5.6.11-1-MANJARO

KDE Neon

Version: 1.45.1
OS: Linux x64 4.15.0-101-generic
Distro: KDE Neon 5.18.5

Extension info

Name: GitHub Pull Requests and Issues
Id: github.vscode-pull-request-github
Version: 0.16.0

  1. After installing the extension, close codium and execute it via command line passing this parameter. (Explanation)
codium --enable-proposed-api Github.vscode-pull-request-github
  1. You should be prompted with this window. Click Sign In and then Allow



  1. Copy the link.


  1. Paste it on your browser and change vscodium => vscode
+ ?callbackUri=vscode://vscode.github-authentication/did-authenticate...
- ?callbackUri=vscodium://vscode.github-authentication/did-authenticate...
  1. Click Continue on the page asking to Authorize Visual Studio Code to access Github.

  2. You should be redirected to another page where you actually give permission to VSCode for Github. Click on Authorize.

  3. The first time I gave the permission, I got the 801 Error.

  4. I repeated the process from steps 1 to 5 and after clicking continue on step 5 I got a success message.


  1. Now you have to replace vscode => vscodium at the start of the token.
+ vscodium://vscode.github-authentication/did-authenticate...
- vscode://vscode.github-authentication/did-authenticate...

⚠️ Take a look at the copied token because you may have to trim whitespaces on each end.

  1. Back to VSCodium, click on the Signing in to and enter your token. I believe that it also asks for username and password.



Other Answers:

I've done a PR using the Personal Access Token (#672). It's easier to use.

Hi, it's happening to me too, i updated today to 1.45.1, tried to push from Source control and have the same problem. If you choose to sign in using github clicking in Allow this takes you to your browser, where the problem is (I assume that's some github certificate with Visual Studio Code).
If you press Cancel instead of Allow, vscodium prompts you to enter your user and password and everything is ok.

A good workaround would be to set github source control plugin form vscodium to not request you to sign in using your browser and instead directly show the user/password prompts right there in vscodium.

If you know how to do it let me know hahaha
I'll be looking for it along the week


I was able to authenticate with the steps from the linked issue on the GH PR extension.

Tomorrow I'll try to share a gif with the steps.

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