Solvedbitcoinjs lib Unable to generate Litecoin address via xpub

I'm attempting to generate/derive an address via a Litecoin xpub key using the following:

var bitcoin = require('bitcoinjs-lib');
import HDNode from "../../bitcoinjs-lib/src/hdnode";

const litecoin = bitcoin.networks.litecoin
const xpub = "Litecoin xpub";
const node = HDNode.fromBase58(xpub);
const address = node.derive(0).getAddress(litecoin);

However, it continues to generate a Bitcoin address. Is there anything I'm doing wrong?

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@tonychew1986 you are trying to use the litecoin network object, which has different BIP32 constants, if you want to support "both", I recommend you do the following:

let litecoin = bitcoin.networks.litecoin
let litecoinX = Object.assign({}, bitcoin.networks.litecoin, {
  bip32: bitcoin.networks.bitcoin.bip32

let a = bitcoin.HDNode.fromBase58(xpub, [litecoin, litecoinX])

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bitcoinjs lib Unable to generate Litecoin address via xpub
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