Solvedultisnips UltiSnips crashes macvim with new update

I just updated to macvim 8.0.1175, and after launching I found that vim would crash after every time I pushed any buttons in insert mode.

The error I got was this in the gui version of macvim:

Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: unable to load the file system codec
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'encodings'
Vim: Caught deadly signal ABRT
Vim: Finished.

And this from the terminal version of macvim:

Vim: Caught deadly signal ABRT
Vim: Finished.
Abort trap: 6

Wondering what's causing this, but finding out that it was ultisnips took me long enough. Maybe I'll dig into the debug it a bit later but for now I just wanted to bring attention to it. Thanks!

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Hi all, I got it working again for me this weekend, it looks like it's only broken in Python 3 so all I did was add this to my .vimrc:

let g:UltiSnipsUsePythonVersion=2

Note that you'll need to have vim compiled with +python (distinct from +python3) which you can check with vim --version.

I'll also note that I've continued to update macvim (currently on version 8.0.1257), but every time I checked Ultisnips was still broken, so I think the python version is really the only thing messing things up here.

Since this doesn't actually resolve the issue and is only a hotfix, I'll leave this ticket open, but I hope this helps you guys get this working again for now!

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ultisnips UltiSnips crashes macvim with new update
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