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I have TypeScript 3.7 installed on a project, and I run tests with ava and ts-node. The issue I found is that compilation works as expected, but tests fail because ts-node doesn't recognize the syntax for nullish coalescence and optional chaining.

So if I have:

foobar?.foo?.bar ?? "default value"

I get errors all over the place. Isn't ts-node using the local typescript package to do compilation?

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I noticed the fix is to change "target": "esnext" to "target": "es2018" in your tsconfig. No change required here.

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Also "target": "es2019" works for me but "target": "es2020" not yet.

@blakeembrey It's not supported though. As OP mentions, you'll see errors on optional chaining and nullish coalescing expressions when running ts-node, even though your local typescript version is set to 3.7.2.

By that error it is compiling correctly. The error is a node.js runtime error, not TypeScript compilation. As noted it’s failing because you’re compiling an output that node.js doesn’t understand yet.

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