Solvedangular TypeScript 2.7 support

TypeScript 2.7 is coming out in January. We need to get it supported within the v6 timeframe.

  • #22097 ensure that we can compile our codebase with 2.7
  • make the compiler compatible with 2.7
  • retain support for TypeScript 2.6 to make g3 upgrade easier
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@cyrilletuzi Nothing forces @Input() to be set. A user of the your component may simply chose not to bind to that input in which case your @Input() is not initialize and you should have checks for non-initialized case. I know we disagree, but I think this is the correct behavior.

What would be nice is to have @Input({required:true}) which would be an error if the user created your component and did not bind to that @Input, but as of yet we don't have such a feature.

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Could @Input({required:true}) not be accomplished just using ts somehow? By analyzing the @Input variable type and seeing if undefined is an acceptable type?

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