Solvedfork ts checker webpack plugin Type checking for node_modules

I'm seeing a whole bunch of errors related to node_modules directory, like so:

ERROR in /Users/maksim/Documents/Elation/pumma/node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.dom.d.ts(15791,13):
TS2403: Subsequent variable declarations must have the same type.Variable 'onerror' must be of type '(this: DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope, ev: ErrorEvent) => any', but here has type 'ErrorEventHandler'.

ERROR in /Users/maksim/Documents/Elation/pumma/node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.dom.d.ts(15883,13):
TS2403: Subsequent variable declarations must have the same type.Variable 'self' must be of type 'WorkerGlobalScope', but here has type 'Window'.

ERROR in /Users/maksim/Documents/Elation/pumma/node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.dom.d.ts(15962,6):
TS2300: Duplicate identifier 'FormDataEntryValue'.

ERROR in /Users/maksim/Documents/Elation/pumma/node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.webworker.d.ts(1787,6):
TS2300: Duplicate identifier 'RequestMode'.


My webpack config:

module.exports = {
  context: __dirname,
  module: {
    rules: [
        test: /\.(ts|tsx)$$/,
        use: [
            loader: 'ts-loader',
            options: {
              transpileOnly: true,
        exclude: /node_modules/,
  resolve: {
    modules: [path.resolve(__dirname, './src'), 'node_modules'],
    extensions: ['.ts', '.tsx', '.js', '.jsx'],
    plugins: [new TsconfigPathsPlugin({ configFile: './tsconfig.json' })],
  plugins: [
    new ForkTsCheckerWebpackPlugin(),

My tsconfig.json:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "baseUrl": "./src",
  "include": ["./src/**/*"],
  "exclude": ["node_modules"]

I read through #116, but none of the recipes mentioned there worked for me.

Are there any other config options or any other details that I'm missing?

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For me, the solution was to add skipLibCheck: true to tsconfig.json

Other Answers:

Thanks so much for sharing that @maksimsemenov - I wonder if it would be worth making skipLibCheck: true on by default with fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin?

Some background; there are 2 compiler flags on by default with ts-loader:

    skipLibCheck: true,
    suppressOutputPathCheck: true

If values are supplied for these properties in the tsconfig.json than the supplied values are the ones that that will be used; otherwise it's skipLibCheck: true by default (for performance reasons) and suppressOutputPathCheck: true (because microsoft/TypeScript#7363 ).

For me it would make sense to apply the same defaults to fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin; for 2 reasons:

  1. If people are using ts-loader alone, and they then move to plug fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin into their build they may bump on these errors. Let's give people an easy on-ramp 😄

  2. These are good defaults for the reasons given.

I'd be totally up for making those changes. @piotr-oles what do you think?

We are matching the relative path, so something like ./node_modules/react-codemirror2.
You try to match the absolute path against that in your example - that cannot work.

Something like !node_modules, !/node_modules/, !**/node_modules/** could work - you'll have to try that, I never use that feature myself and I don't have a reproduction project for that.


Thank you @phryneas !

so final config:


  "exclude": ["dist", "node_modules"]

skipLibCheck is omitted, so its default false is okay


        new ForkTsCheckerWebpackPlugin({
            async: !,
            useTypescriptIncrementalApi: true,
            tsconfig: resolve(__dirname, './tsconfig.json'),
            checkSyntacticErrors: true,
            reportFiles: ['**', '!**/__tests__/**', '!**/?(*.)(spec|test).*'],
            silent: true,

And it works like charm, thanks a lot for support :)

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