Solvedzenbot The Error at the Binance "More than 1 hours between startTime and endTime"

Hi, guys,
While trading, an error occurred below.
Do you know the reason?

I use ubuntu 16.04.

An error occurred { Error: binance GET 400 Bad Request {"code":-1127,"msg":"More than 1 hours between startTime and endTime."} (possible reasons: invalid API keys, bad or old nonce, exchange is down or offline, on maintenance, DDoS protection, rate-limiting)
at binance.defaultErrorHandler (/home/satoko/zenbot/node_modules/ccxt/js/base/Exchange.js:400:15)
at response.text.then.text (/home/satoko/zenbot/node_modules/ccxt/js/base/Exchange.js:413:25)
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:188:7) constructor: [Function: ExchangeNotAvailable] }

11 Answers

✔️Accepted Answer

Change this in extensions/exchanges/binance/exchange.js

  getTrades: function (opts, cb) {
        var func_args = []

        var args = {};
        if (opts.from) {
          args.startTime = opts.from
        if ( {
          args.endTime =
        if (args.startTime && !args.endTime) {
          // add 1 hour instead of 12
          args.endTime = args.startTime + 3600000
        else if (args.endTime && !args.startTime) {
          // subtract only 1 hour instead of 12
          args.startTime = args.endTime - 3600000

// Credit to jadedgeek on discord

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