SolvedPrestaShop Template \account.html.twig is not defined (it's a bug ?)

Hi everyone,

I have this configuration:

PHP 7.2.16

I performed a new installation and at 23% appear a error message:

1: Template "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\XXXXXX\mails\themes\modern\core\account.html.twig" is not defined.

I specific than before I has Prestashop v1.7.5.2 (with the same versions of MySQL, PHP, PHPMYADMIN) and the installation it's OK.

Thanks in advace for any help!


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This issue is not resolved with the PR #15906 . Please reopen.

Currently the installation fails on Windows. I tested latest .zip release, cloned source from git, from latest stable tag, from develop branch. All installation attempts fails no matter if installed from web or from cli.

The only solution was to delete the mails\themes\modern directory as advised here - then the installation completes. This issues needs to be confirmed and fixed asap as it affect all new users.

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