SolvedGitJournal Sync after inital clone doesn't work


App version:
Device information:

  • OS name and version: Android 10
  • Manufacturer: Nokia
  • Model: 7 plus


Expected behavior:
Changes in notes are pushed/fetched to git repo

Current behavior:
After initial synch, no longer pushes or fetches with the repo.

Steps to reproduce

Version 1

  1. Follow automatic git setup of gitjournal
  2. Choose existing repo
  3. Successfully first sync/clone
  4. Add document/change document and automatically let sync happen / manually trigger sync
  5. Check git repo for changes

Version 2

Same as Version 1, with the exception of manually creating deploy key with write rights.

Version 3

Same as Version 1, with the exception of manually creating a general key with write rights on all repos.

09:27:05 Got Exception Exception: Current Branch null #0 GitNoteRepository.merge (package:gitjournal/core/git_repo.dart:190) <asynchronous suspension> #1 Repository.syncNotes (package:gitjournal/repository.dart:188) <asynchronous suspension> 

Full logs:

{"t":1607622700301,"l":"i","msg":"--------- App Launched ---------"}
{"t":1607622700301,"l":"i","msg":"AppSetting {onBoardingCompleted: true, collectUsageStatistics: true, collectCrashReports: true, version: 0, proMode: true, proExpirationDate: 2021-01-07T00:10:34.148Z, pseudoId: aaa9520a-847f-480d-8a2a-117636b95740, debugLogLevel: v, experimentalFs: false, experimentalMarkdownToolbar: false, experimentalGraphView: false, experimentalZeroConf: false}"}
{"t":1607622700308,"l":"d","msg":"Analytics Collection: true"}
{"t":1607622700312,"l":"i","msg":"Setting {noteFileNameFormat: FromTitle, journalNoteFileNameFormat: FromTitle, yamlModifiedKey: modified, yamlCreatedKey: created, yamlTagsKey: tags, customMetaData: , yamlHeaderEnabled: true, journalEditordefaultNewNoteFolderSpec: , journalEditorSingleNote: false, defaultEditor: Markdown, defaultView: Standard, sortingField: Modified, sortingOrder: desc, remoteSyncFrequency: automatic, showNoteSummary: true, folderViewHeaderType: TitleGenerated, version: 2, markdownDefaultView: Last Used, markdownLastUsedView: Edit, homeScreen: all_notes, imageLocationSpec: ., zenMode: false, saveTitleInH1: true, swipeToDelete: true, inlineTagPrefixes: #, emojiParser: true, folderName: journal, bottomMenuBar: true, storeInternally: true, storageLocation: , sshPublicKey: true}"}
{"t":1607622700328,"l":"i","msg":"Checking if ProMode should be enabled. Exp: 2021-01-07T00:10:34.148Z"}
{"t":1607622700328,"l":"i","msg":"Not checking PurchaseInfo as exp = 2021-01-07T00:10:34.148Z and cur = 2020-12-10T17:51:40.328094Z"}
{"t":1607622700364,"l":"i","msg":"Finished loading the notes cache"}
{"t":1607622700369,"l":"v","msg":"Ignoring file","p":{"path":"/data/user/0/io.gitjournal.gitjournal/app_flutter/journal/.dendron.version","reason":"IgnoreReason.HiddenFile"}}
{"t":1607622700369,"l":"v","msg":"Ignoring file","p":{"path":"/data/user/0/io.gitjournal.gitjournal/app_flutter/journal/.gitignore","reason":"IgnoreReason.HiddenFile"}}
{"t":1607622700610,"l":"d","msg":"Received Share with App (text): null"}
{"t":1607622700907,"l":"d","msg":"Saving the NotesCache"}
{"t":1607622700939,"l":"i","msg":"Finished loading all the notes"}
{"t":1607622701828,"l":"e","msg":"Got Exception","ex":"Exception: Current Branch null","stack":"#0      GitNoteRepository.merge (package:gitjournal/core/git_repo.dart:190) <asynchronous suspension> #1      Repository.syncNotes (package:gitjournal/repository.dart:188) <asynchronous suspension> "}
{"t":1607622701831,"l":"v","msg":"Ignoring file","p":{"path":"/data/user/0/io.gitjournal.gitjournal/app_flutter/journal/.dendron.version","reason":"IgnoreReason.HiddenFile"}}
{"t":1607622701831,"l":"v","msg":"Ignoring file","p":{"path":"/data/user/0/io.gitjournal.gitjournal/app_flutter/journal/.gitignore","reason":"IgnoreReason.HiddenFile"}}
{"t":1607622701866,"l":"d","msg":"Saving the NotesCache"}
{"t":1607622710924,"l":"i","msg":"No log file for 2020-12-09 18:51:50.924100"}
32 Answers

✔️Accepted Answer

Okay. I'm planning to look at this tomorrow depending on my state.

Things that would help:

  • Where is remote repo? (GitHub / GitLab / Bitbucket / etc)
  • How many branches does it have?
  • What is the default branch?

I've pushed an update 1.73.5 right which (pending review) might fix some of the issues, but I'm planning to properly isolate the relevant code and write automated tests for it.

Other Answers:

Weird. I've been a bit away (look at the November update). I'll take a look tomorrow morning and report back.

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