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Hey, question for the community here — this isn't an issue for offline-plugin but I'm asking here as y'all are the ones most likely it seems to have faced the same problem (and hopefully found some good solutions).

I've integrated offline-plugin into the next version of Gatsby and it works great. A problem I'm seeing though is that when I deploy a new version of a site, Webpack doesn't seem to maintain the same module ids for all modules. So after deploying, I load the site and the chunks that weren't changed are loaded from the service worker and the new chunks are loaded from the server but almost always there'll be a JS error when Webpack can't find a module id to call.

So perhaps I'm just doing this wrong — is the solution just to ensure that you load all chunks from the old SW until a new one is loaded and then switch over en masse?

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(text may have a lot of type because I wasn't re-reading/reviewing it)

I actually been thinking about this issue for a while. I'm not sure with which case exactly you have this problem (because there are few ways to get into it), but let me try to cover and answer all them. So..

There are couple of ways with offline-plugin to get into situation when old and new modules have conflicting module IDs, though, that's mostly related to webpack itself. So the solution on webpack level would be to use records, aka recordsPath option in webpack config. This option saves state between compilations and assigns permanent IDs to modules. Other solution on webpack level might be to use named modules (I don't remember exact name of plugin which does that).

Things in offline-plugin causing this problem:

  1. You are using updateStrategy: 'changed' (by default in v4 but not v3) which re-downloads only changed files based on hashed generated by webpack. The problem here is webpack doesn't always update chunk's hash when module IDs changed in it. Example: file added into chunk 2 caused module revalidation which changed IDs in chunks 1 and 2, but contents of the chunk 1 didn't change so new hash isn't generated.
    Solutions: 1) use recordsPath in webpack config, or 2) do not user updateStrategy: 'changed', or 3) generate file hashes on offline-plugin level instead of relying on webpack's generated hashes, this is already done for html-webpack-plugin because of how it works.

  2. You are using responseStrategy: 'network-first' (from v4) which may cause a situation where some chunks are loaded from the network and has new code and some other from the cache which has old code. The most right solution here is to not use responseStrategy: 'network-first' option or have all your assets unique named, e.g. with a hash in the name (which destroys the purpose of network-first though). recordsPath webpack option may help here, but I still assume there could be some conflicts between modules/chunks anyway.

  3. You are using caches.additional / caches.optional options in offline-plugin and aren't unique naming your assets. This is essentially the same problem as with responseStrategy: 'network-first', but in this case SW may cache new chunks along side with old ones which may cause such a problem.
    Solutions: 1) correctly name your assets (e.g. hash or version in its names), or 2) do not user caches.additional / caches.optional options. recordsPath has only potential fix effect as in previous section.

  4. You are applying ServiceWorker update once it's available but not reloading the pages. This causes pages to use new cache with the new code while they where used with the old one initially. So if you apply ServiceWorker update and then request some chunk from your server -- it will be loaded with the new code.
    Solutions: 1) Reload pages immediately after applying an update, or 2) Blocking all pages and telling the user to hit reload manually, or 3) do not apply an update immediately, but rather display an UI telling to the user that new update is really. If user wants -- apply update and reload the pages. 4) use recordsPath option which has approximately the same effect as in 2 and 3 sections.

@KyleAMathews I hope it helps. Please let me know if does or not and which exact case is yours here. Thanks! 👌

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