Solvedopenzeppelin contracts Support for Solidity 0.7.0

🧐 Motivation
I know solc 0.7.0 was only released yesterday however logging it here for consideration.

📝 Details
Upgrade contracts to solidity 0.7.0 which overall doesn't have as many breaking changes as 0.6.0 so shouldn't be that invasive. Mostly it is maintenance updates and switching certain compiler warnings to errors.

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Support for Solidity 0.7 has been published in a specially tagged release @openzeppelin/contracts@3.1.0-solc-0.7.

You can install with npm install @openzeppelin/contracts@3.1.0-solc-0.7.

Other than the support for Solidity 0.7 this release corresponds to OpenZeppelin Contracts 3.1.0.

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