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PEP 518 specifies a config format that can be exploited by dev tools through designated sections, given their pyPI domain. The toml format is very basic and should allow a simple 1 to 1 mapping of the existing config, since it is more on the minimal side. Given the following .bandit file:

targets: src
skips: B101,B110

Its section in a pyproject.toml would look like this:

targets = ["src"]
skips = ["B101", "B110"]

The sole gain of supporting this would be to reduce the amount of additional config files needed for using bandit in a python project that uses PEP 518 in some way from 1 to 0.

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@ericwb I'm sorry to say that: But this is getting ridiculous.

There is a pending PR #401 since October 2018, and you waste the time of the poor guy that still maintains the branch to keep it free from merge conflicts.

Just merge it and please don't block it unnecessarily. We wait since 2 years for that feature that has been already implemented.

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Any update here? Can you either merge the PR or reject it? Nearly all other linting related packages have support for pyproject.toml at this point and a shame users still need to use multiple configuration files for a solved problem.

Thanks a lot! Can you please publish a new release so that users can actually use it?

Guys, this feature is really requested. We have already a finished PR by @orsinium. Can you please finally decide on this?
@ericwb can you please have a look?

I did the PR 4 Hacktoberfest's ago, since then I have changed 3 cities, 2 countries, and 4 jobs, built a house, created 50+ small projects. So, be patient and just don't make expectations about the release date 😉

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