Solvedobjection.js Support for knex 0.95.0

I just upgrade knex to 0.95.0 and now I'm getting typescript compilation errors in objectionjs like this:

node_modules/objection/typings/objection/index.d.ts:1830:12 - error TS2709: Cannot use namespace 'Knex' as a type.

1830     (knex: Knex, modelClasses: AnyModelConstructor[]): Promise<void>;

Will support for 0.95 be added soon?

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I'll soon release the first alpha version of objection 3. It supports the newest knex. To install it, run npm install objection@next

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@koskimas There were drastic improvements to MSSQL support and plenty of new stuff for SQLite, and overall it was probably the most improvement-packed major version in the last three years.
If that would make you more comfortable to release 3.0 earlier, I can personally promise that there will be no changes that would be breaking for Objection.js in 1.0.0, and if there end up being any, I would revert them.

I just released the first 3.0 RC version. The release is just around the corner.

Objection 3.0 is now released.

I'll comment here as soon as there is something to comment. No need for these "any updates on this" messages.