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I see this was discussed a little in #298 but I don't see a definitive answer there - are there any plans to support this feature in the CLI?

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Played with your example radusuciu and it feels quite nice. Just got this working in angular-cli actually. Can't do a PR just now as I have to run, but going to paste the important bits:

Install the HMR stuff: npm i -D @angularclass/hmr @angularclass/hmr-loader
Create a shared/hmr.class.ts, copying this:
Have app.module.ts import and extend it:


config.entry.main.unshift(`webpack-dev-server/client?http://${}:${commandOptions.port}/`, 'webpack/hot/dev-server');

const webpackDevServerConfiguration: IWebpackDevServerConfigurationOptions = {
  contentBase: path.resolve(this.project.root, `./${CliConfig.fromProject().defaults.sourceDir}`),
  historyApiFallback: true,
  stats: webpackDevServerOutputOptions,
  inline: true,
  hot: true // add this

Add this to plugins inside node_modules/angular-cli/addon/ng2/models/webpack-build-common.ts: new webpack.HotModuleReplacementPlugin(),

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I've just searched for this feature, popped into and hoped to have it available on the angular-cli tool... +1 for this feature!

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