SolvedVue.Draggable Sometimes stops working in Firefox

I'm using the latest Firefox Developer Edition (58.0b11).

Occasionally vue-draggable stops working and I am unable to drag the items. It's an inconsistent bug and there are no errors in the console. Here is a Vue template that has the issue, though I have experienced it on a few different components.

    <div class="card-grid__item"
      v-for="card in value"

The issue seems to be unique to Firefox. Chrome and Safari work fine. The strangest part is that refreshing the page doesn't fix the problem, but loading the page in a new window sometimes does.

I won't get a chance to debug it further before next year but I thought I'd raise the issue now in case anyone else was having the issue or knew of a possible reason for it.

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adding :options="{forceFallback: true}" made it work again, in my case

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Same issue here, infact not working at all in Firefox. Working fine in Chrome, IE11 and Edge.

<draggable v-model="yAxis" :options="{ forceFallback: true }"> </draggable > Work for me.

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