SolvedWidescreenFixesPack [SH2] Options/Inventory Font Resolution

I've been tinkering with this port for some days trying to improve SH2's "terrible" looking UI. That black background on the main menu? ugh. I had to do something.

It looks fairly decent:

There are some issues I can't fix though. One of them is the cursor not being correctly positioned on the main menu. (The game thinks my cursor is highlighting the option below the kinfe's texture?)

The other is every other "font" in the game:

The main menu actually uses textures for the words "Load", "Continue", "New game", etc.
The rest of the game's "words" are not textures. I'm not an expert, but I think they are "generated" by a shader? Would it be possible to increase the resolution on these "fonts"? Thanks.

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Hi guys,

The next update release for Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition will feature all-new title and splash screens. The Konami logo is no longer obnoxiously large and the splash screen removes all the gaudy logos everywhere and simply credits Team Silent and Creature Labs (logos made in vector from scratch by yours truly!).

Special thanks to @AeroWidescreen for teaching me how to preserve the game's .tex headers so we can use the new images!


sh2pc 2018-08-13 17-57-14


sh2pc 2018-08-13 17-56-48


sh2pc 2018-08-13 17-57-17


sh2pc 2018-08-14 19-41-05

If you wish to not use these files simply remove them from the following directory:
\KONAMI\Silent Hill 2\sh2e\pic\etc\konami2048x2048.tex
\KONAMI\Silent Hill 2\sh2e\pic\etc\splash_logo.tex
\KONAMI\Silent Hill 2\sh2e\pic\etc\splash_logo_us.tex

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