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can please someone tell me how to limit the range of y-axis to [50, 100] for example?

Also is there option to set chart absolute dimensions in pixels?


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These things are not all that well documented in Altair itself at the moment (we're working on that), but you can find info by searching for how things are done in Vega-Lite.

For example, take a look at this chart:

from altair import *

# load data as a pandas DataFrame
cars = load_dataset('cars')

chart = Chart(cars).mark_point().encode(


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You can adjust the plot size in pixels using the configure_cell command: (Note: this is not true for current versions of Altair, version 2.0 or later. This issue revers to Altair version 1)

chart.configure_cell(height=200, width=200)

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And you can adjust the axis limits using the domain subfield of any Channel (channels are the things passed to encode):

chart.encode(Y('Miles_per_Gallon', scale=Scale(domain=[-100, 100])))

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Until we mirror the full vega-lite docs in Altair, you can learn more within the Vega-Lite docs themselves. The translation is pretty strightforward: JSON fields in Vega-Lite become Python attributes in Altair.

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Correct, most everything in this issue refers to version 1 and does not work on version 2. The documentation details how to customize charts in version 2.

In v2, you should use, height=100)