Solvedangular [ServiceWorker] localhost took too long to respond. HTTP ERROR 504

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  1. ng new sw --service-worker --routing
  2. cd sw
  3. ng g c home
  4. ng g c about
  5. Edit app-routing.module.ts to add the routes for the 2 components we've just created:
// ...
import { HomeComponent } from './home/home.component';
import { AboutComponent } from './about/about.component';

const routes: Routes = [
  { path: '', component: HomeComponent },
  { path: 'about', component: AboutComponent }

// ...
  1. ng build --prod
  2. npm install -g http-server (you can use any server to test this, if you already prefer another one)
  3. http-server dist
  4. Access localhost:8080 (8080 is the default port that http-server uses at the time of reporting this issue)
  5. Access localhost:8080/about
  6. Stop the server
  7. Now try reloading the app while on the /about route (if it works the first time, try refreshing a few more times or wait a little before trying again). The browser will display the message:
This page isnt working
localhost took too long to respond.

(With Universal/SSR, it stops working right away, most of the time with the first refresh after stopping the server, no matter the route - and the issue is not the hash in the generated ngsw.json, because I regenerate that at the end of the build process).

Now, if you start the server again, loading the app on the /about route works (even though http-server is not SPA friendly, it doesn't redirect all requests to index.html), but the service worker kicks in.
Initially I noticed this behavior on a Universal app, doing server side rendering (following the universal-starter repo). So this is not a http-server "not being SPA friendly" issue.
I only used http-server to reproduce it because I wanted to keep the reproduction process as fast as possible, without introducing server side rendering.
The CLI version used (1.6.4) initializes the app with Angular 5.1.0, but I've also tested on 5.2.1. I've skipped mentioning this step above because it happens regardless of the Angular version (at least on >= 5.1.0, haven't tested with older versions).


Angular CLI: 1.6.4
Node: 8.9.4
OS: win32 x64
Angular: 5.2.1

I've only tested on:
- [x] Chrome (desktop) version 63.0.3239.132
- [x] Chrome (desktop) version 65.0.3323.2 (canary)
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I've been able to figure out two issue spots, that when worked around in my app, allow it to work offline. I won't go into full detail here; I've given a long explanation on this SO answer.

  1. Hosted versions of an Angular app, where the --base-href flag is set from the CLI, list absolute URLs for their service worker resources. When comparing requests to these resources, ngsw-worker.js is expecting relative URLs
  2. Of the 3 available "states" that the ngsw-worker.js can be in, in my experience, EXISTING_CLIENTS_ONLY seems to bet set incorrectly.

(source code links are in the SO answer; I can duplicate them here as well)

My current workaround is running this build script, after ng build -prod and before http-server. If you can, give it a shot and see if it works for you? I'm trying to work on a pull request (# 1 above can definitely be fixed in the source, # 2 needs more investigation to avoid breaking anything); currently stymied by setting up a dev environment for the @angular/service-worker package

Final note: you can see my app working offline in this repo (using the build script at this line), and you can see a clone of that repo from the time where I was having the issue (so it still fails offline) here

Other Answers:

Did anyone get this fixed? I'm having this issue in Apr 19 on Angular 7.

During testing of the issue, I've recreated the exact problem explained by @MrCroft in a repro here, to ensure that it exists even with the simplest app from ng new app-name --service-worker. Still trying to dig into where the fetching fails in ngsw-worker.js.

We should reopen this one.

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