Solvedapexcharts.js Series hide and show methods


I would love to have a hide and show method for series, so I can always be sure in what state my series is.
I have multiple legends who all toggle some series. Sometimes more than one. An I had to build a workaround to know which of the series is hidden and which is not.
It would also be great to hide a series on render. Like an additional option in the series configuration.
I have large charts in which the user can filter what he would like to see in the chart.
Per default only one option (series) is visible and the user can show more options if he wishes to.


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Added new methods
showSeries and hideSeries.
Also, toggleSeries will return a boolean value whether the series is hidden or not.
The change will be reflected in the next patch/minor release.

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+1 for this.

We need showSeries() and hideSeries()

In addition can we get highlightSeries() as a method?


I need to hide all series except the first one by default.

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