Solvedreact native keyboard aware scroll view scrollview bounces when textinput focused

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    style={{backgroundColor: '#f7f7f7'}}
>{/* ... */}</KeyboardAwareScrollView>

Needed to add enableResetScrollToCoords, otherwise the ScrollView would have been scrolled to top when Keyboard was dismissed interactively. Also added an higher keyboardOpeningTime, so it scrolls smoother when ScrollView actually needs to be pushed upwards.

As seen in gif above, there is no need for scrollview to be adjusted. How may I prevent this behavior?

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@alvaromb I found this issue is caused by react-navigation, I add extraHeight={-64} then it works.

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Any ETA on a fix for this? Just run into a similar issue which is probably related.

When switching focus from one input to another it bounces first

feb-06-2018 12-36-06

I'm not sure how it works but negative extraHeight solved the issue for me. Thanks @sapjax. 64 is size of navigation bar?

The same happens with KeyboardAvoidingView but above solution do not work.

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