SolvedRxSwift RxTest referencing to invalid libswiftXCTest.dylib

Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone here had my same issue.

I have an iOS project in which there are multiple modules. each module has its own test bundle.
Tests run perfectly until I install via cocoa pods RxTest.

After install, test bundles crash with the following message in console:

2019-09-25 17:46:29.756701+0100 xctest[70947:11876875] The bundle “MyModuleTests” couldn’t be loaded because it is damaged or missing necessary resources. Try reinstalling the bundle.
2019-09-25 17:46:29.756838+0100 xctest[70947:11876875] (dlopen_preflight(/Users/.../Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/.../Products/Debug-Dev-iphonesimulator/MyModuleTests.xctest/MyModuleTests): Library not loaded: /usr/lib/swift/libswiftXCTest.dylib
Referenced from: /Users/.../Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/.../Build/Products/Debug-Dev-iphonesimulator/MyModuleTests.xctest/MyModuleTests/RxTest.framework/RxTest
Reason: no suitable image found. Did find:
/usr/lib/swift/libswiftXCTest.dylib: mach-o, but not built for iOS simulator)
Program ended with exit code: 9

I checked already the usual suspects: The run path searchPath is $(inherited) '@executable_path/Frameworks' '@loader_path/Frameworks'as it should be.

I tried for quite a lot of time to get this to work playing with build configurations, but all without any success. If I remove RxTest, everything goes back to normal and tests start running again.


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I noticed the same issue. But it seems that I can run the tests from XCode 11 on the iOS 13 simulator. But when I try to run them on a simulator with an older iOS version (in my case iOS 11.4) I see that exact same errors as you do

Other Answers:

I solved the same issue in my project by switching everything to Swift 5 and adding a line of code in the podspec that requires XCTest.


  s.frameworks = 'XCTest', 'XCTAutomationSupport'
  s.xcconfig = {
    'LD_RUNPATH_SEARCH_PATHS' => '$(inherited) "$(PLATFORM_DIR)/Developer/Library/Frameworks" "$(PLATFORM_DIR)/Developer/Library/PrivateFrameworks"',
    'FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS' => '$(inherited) "$(PLATFORM_DIR)/Developer/Library/Frameworks" "$(PLATFORM_DIR)/Developer/Library/PrivateFrameworks"'


  s.frameworks = 'XCTest', 'XCTAutomationSupport'
  s.xcconfig = {
    'LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS' => '$(TOOLCHAIN_DIR)/usr/lib/swift-$(SWIFT_VERSION)/$(PLATFORM_NAME) $(inherited)',
    'LD_RUNPATH_SEARCH_PATHS' => '$(inherited) "$(PLATFORM_DIR)/Developer/Library/Frameworks" "$(PLATFORM_DIR)/Developer/Library/PrivateFrameworks"',
    'FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS' => '$(inherited) "$(PLATFORM_DIR)/Developer/Library/Frameworks" "$(PLATFORM_DIR)/Developer/Library/PrivateFrameworks"'

I hope this can help.

@schroepf Same for me. Tests run on iOS 13 simulator, but fail on everything older than that.

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