Solvedcore Route not found (404) for any files in public directory

So I have (so far) 2 projects with AdonisJS (Thank you for this framework by the way, it may have been one of the best things I discovered this year), one is done, and the other is just started, but I use the first one to easily remember how I managed to solve a problem I would encounter.

I need to upload several files, and while I had no problem whatsoever with the first project, I can upload anything on the second one, it will get saved in the public directory... but I can't get to reach them, AdonisJS will return me the following:

E_ROUTE_NOT_FOUND: Route not found GET /settings/landing.jpeg

All the files are CHMOD 755 and the the CHOWN is the same everywhere, even for the files, so I don't think it's a permission issue.

Package version

Adonis version 4.10
NPM version 6.5.0
Node version 10.13

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Hey @Drillan767! 👋

Please, ensure that you have the StaticFileMiddleware enabled in your start/kernel.js file.

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