SolvedROCm ROCm 2.7 does not support Hawaii. Readme needs updating

Support for Hawaii (gfx700/1) has been broken since ROCm 2.0 (#691 and also #640) which was released 8 months ago. The original issue appeared to be with firmware files (which was fixed) but the later issue (execution failure) has not been fixed since then and nothing has changed (#784).

At this point it really doesn't look like this is going to get fixed. Both OpenCL and HIP/HCC programs hang on execution and so ROCm is currently of no use on Hawaii GPUs.

I only revisited Hawaii today because I was going to make a tutorial showing installation and operation of ROCm/HIP. With this is mind it seems to be unhelpful and misleading to list Hawaii as a supported GPU (even if "support is not guaranteed").

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Tone apart, yes OpenCL is the shame of AMD. Now AMD GPUs are so good on kernel and distribution integration, Nvidia is decade late on that topic. Now AMD GPUs are so good on graphical side that Nvidia can't keep up anymore: as a game developer, I can testimony we face weird kind of bugs we never seen on AMD, like this, this or this

But on compute side… AMD status is still worst than what Nvidia was doing 10 years ago. This is super weird. AMD is close to take the market by storm, but just forgot to care enough about people wanting to work with their great piece of hardware, and not only game with.

It looks like the only hope for us, consumers, is to wait for Mesa OpenCL (clover/libclc-amdgcn) to reach completeness. But for some unknown reasons, it looks like the actual developers working on OpenCL on Mesa are more focusing on Nvidia GPUs (with nouveau) than AMD… I don't know if someone is funding that nouveau effort in order to get Nvidia GPUs working with free open source compute stack before AMD, but well, it's a shame.

The Mesa OpenCL is already twice faster than any variant of AMD-APP I was able to test on some workflow like Luxmark, but support is still incomplete so softwares like Darktable can't make use of it. I know ROCm has more than OpenCL, but for OpenCL we just need that Mesa OpenCL reaching completeness.

If any AMD official walks around, and hear us, listen, compute is the only remaining rational motivation to by Nvidia GPUs today. As users we just need OpenCL being implemented for at least all GCN/RDNA GPUs, and then, every free software enthusiast will just be able to encourage everyone to never buy Nvidia again and praise AMD instead.

By implementing OpenCL on all GCN and RDNA GPUs and by doing good communication around that, Nvidia can lose the Linux market. Nvidia already lost the living-room console market, Nvidia can lose the workstation market starting from the Linux side and building that momentum, because then, PC vendors would have no risk to integrate AMD GPUs in their product, instead of putting Nvidia everywhere « just in case » there are linux compute users among their customers.

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I see you have commented in a few places. I still have my Hawaii GPU and it still does not work. From what I can tell nothing is being done about it. AMD seem to be concentrating on newer GPUs.
Want did you want to use ROCm for on your Hawaii GPU? None of the ported programs such as Tensorflow were ever supported on Hawaii due to no support in the MIOpen libary etc. that wouldn't change if the existing bugs were fixed.

If you want to use OpenCL then install AMDGPU-PRO and use --opencl=legacy --headless in the install script to install only the closed source compute driver and not any of the graphics stack. The --headless option is very misleading as it doesn't mean that at all and the opensource drivers (mesa etc.) continue to work fine with the Pro compute driver. I have tested the latest AMDGPU-Pro myself and it is fully working on Hawaii.

For people looking for working OpenCL support on Hawaii/Grenada gfx701 on Ubuntu 19.10 without a need for any ROCm-specific feature, I wrote there a tutorial to install the legacy OpenCL driver from amdgpu-pro package: #484 (comment)

This seems to be the only way to do GPU computation on Hawaii today.

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