Solvedreact fontawesome render bug

Hi, i import my fontawesome-all.js with a script tag on the head, then in my react component import the reac-fontawesome, all work grate but fails the render if i have a conditional to show different icons, in my deafult state i have the save icon, then on saving mode i have a spinning cog, (that works good) but when my saving status is false again my text button change correctly but the icon remains with the cog...

<button className="btn btn-primary" disabled={myProps.working} onClick={this._handleClick}>{myProps.working ? <span><FAIcon icon="cog" className="icon-spin-3x icon-1-5x icon-middle" />&nbsp;Please wait...</span> : <span><FAIcon icon="save" className="icon-1-5x icon-middle" />&nbsp;{myProps.text ? myProps.text : 'SAVE'}</span>}</button>

default (saving status false) : save -> works
saving status true : cog -> works
default again (saving status false) : still the cog icon

maybe im missing some thing, thanks in advance.

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OK, I've uncovered the root cause of this. @mlwilkerson this is going to take a compatibility fix in the main fontawesome lib. I'll try to get to this tomorrow.

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