Solvedrecyclerlistview RecyclerListView needs to have a bounded size

Hi, I've been trying to use this component following the example in the README but it gives me the following error:

RecyclerListView needs to have a bounded size. Currently height or, width is 0

If I comment these lines it works perfectly:

if (layout.height === 0 || layout.width === 0) {
throw new CustomError(RecyclerListViewExceptions.layoutException);

I've logged the values of layout and this._layout and they are {height: 0, width: 0} and {width: 414, x: 0, height: 0, y: 0}` respectively.

The only particularity of my usage is the RecyclerListView is on a TabNavigator. Any idea why this might be happening?

The code of my app is here in case you might want to take a look (it's ReasonML, though :( )

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@naqvitalha Just wonder if I can add style={{ minHeight: 1, minWidth: 1 }} to hot fix this error?

Other Answers:

wrap the <RecyclerListView /> inside <View style={{flex:1}}> </View> like below:

<View style={{flex:1}}>
<RecyclerListView />

I was able to fix this error by adding in {minHeight: 1, minWidth: 1} and removing the following 2 properties from my container:

justifyContent: 'center',
alignItems: 'center',

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