SolvedLaravel Excel [QUESTION] XLS export not working

I've read through the older issues about the blank space prior to the <?php. But I've searched and could not find any in the controller, model, and route in relation to the export call.

I'm using the latest Laravel, & Laravel-Excel Package.
My Link code;

      $.post(export_url, export_data, function(data){
        var uri       = 'data:application/;charset=UTF-8,' + escape(data);
        var link      = document.createElement('a');
        link.href     = uri;    = "visibility:hidden"; ='.'+file_type;

My export code;

return Excel::create($name, function($excel) use($records) {
            $excel->sheet('Sheet 1', function($sheet) use($records) {

When I try to open the file. It is corrupt. This same code works fine with CSV

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@edanao, try cleanin the buffer before calling download function. There must be some space symbol in the code which triggers the error.

if (ob_get_level() > 0) { ob_end_clean(); }

Other Answers:

Hi, I've encountered the same bug.
I've read all the issues about removing the blank spaces before "<?php" and I removed all last empty lines.
That does not change the fact that xls/xlsx export doesnt not work as it should.
Here is my code:
Route::get('{id_me}/export/{table}', 'FileController@exportCsv')->where('table', 'shops|societies|axes|programs|scenarios|users|surveys');


public function     exportCsv(Request $request)
        $table      = $request->route('table');
        $model      = $this->loadModel($table);
        $society_id = $request->route('id_me');

        $rows = $model
            ->where('society_id', $society_id)

        $rows = $rows->toArray();

        Excel::create($table, function($excel) use ($rows, $table)
            $excel->setTitle("Exportation des " . $table);

            $excel->sheet('shops', function($sheet) use ($rows)


This code works like a charm with csv extension not xls or xlsx.
By not working i mean that it render unreadable data.

Here is my setup:
Laravel 5.1
"maatwebsite/excel": "~2.1.0"

I'm pretty sure i've removed all trailling spaces before <?php and at the end of files, I've checked for like 2 hours more or less even in files that is probably not parsed in this case.

No offense, but this should be highly considered as a bug to fixe.
Even if removing what's have to be removed to solve the problem is an "ok" solution for some, it is too much of a project maintainability issue for what can be a minor usage of this library (in my case).

Thanks for your work and attention, I really like to use Laravel-excel even if I'm still struggling to get some of the implemented feature to work as planned

@edanao, try cleanin the buffer before calling download function. There must be some space symbol in the code which triggers the error.

if (ob_get_level() > 0) { ob_end_clean(); }

Thanks it worked For Me

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