Solvedhttp proxy middleware [ Question ] How do you manipulate proxy response

Hi, I'm using Express 4,

In normal way, I can do the following

    app.get('/v1/users/:username', function(request, response, next) {
        var username = request.params.username;
        findUserByUsername(username, function(error, user) {
            if (error) return next(error);
            return response.render('user', user);

But how do I execute custom logic if I'm using proxy, let's say I want to manipulate some of the data before response to the user? Is there a good pattern to do that with this middleware ?

app.use('/api', proxy({target: '', changeOrigin: true}));

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here is my answer,

onProxyRes :function(proxyRes, req, res){
      var _write = res.write;
      var output;
      var body = "";
      proxyRes.on('data', function(data) {
          data = data.toString('utf-8');
          body += data;
      res.write = function (data) {
          output = mock.mock(output)
        } catch (err) {}

add onProxyRes option on the http-proxy-middleware
use the data event on the proxyRes to get the output
then modify the output in res.write

Other Answers:

My solution:

const zlib = require('zlib');
onProxyRes: (proxyRes, req, res) => {
	let originalBody = new Buffer('');
	proxyRes.on('data', function (data) {
		originalBody = Buffer.concat([originalBody, data]);
	proxyRes.on('end', function () {
		const bodyString = zlib.gunzipSync(originalBody).toString('utf8')
		const objectToModify = JSON.parse(bodyString)
		objectToModify.modification = 'Mickey Mouse'
selfHandleResponse: true . // necessary to avoid res.end being called automatically

This was my final solution (inspired by @kokarn 's solution over at http-party/node-http-proxy#796

I'm using this in a webpack dev server setup by create-react-app, hence the comment further down.

onProxyRes: ( proxyRes, req, res ) => {
    const _writeHead = res.writeHead;
    let _writeHeadArgs;
    const _end = res.end;
    let body = '';

    proxyRes.on( 'data', ( data ) => {
      data = data.toString( 'utf-8' );
      body += data;
    } );

    // Defer writeHead
    res.writeHead = ( ...writeHeadArgs ) => {
      _writeHeadArgs = writeHeadArgs;

    // Defer all writes
    res.write = () => {};

    res.end = ( ...endArgs ) => {
      // Do everything in the end. Means we wont be streaming the response but who cares in a dev env..
      const output = body
        .replace( /stufftoreplace/g, '/leweb' );

      if ( proxyRes.headers && proxyRes.headers[ 'content-length' ] ) {
        res.setHeader( 'content-length', output.length );

      // This disables chunked encoding
      res.setHeader( 'transfer-encoding', '' );

      // Disable cache for all http as well
      res.setHeader( 'cache-control', 'no-cache' );

      _writeHead.apply( res, _writeHeadArgs );

      if ( body.length ) {
         // Write everything via end()
        _end.apply( res, [ output ] );
      } else {
        _end.apply( res, endArgs );

Perhaps the core problem is that response proxy gets from original source is not passed through existing express middleware chain?
Express already has an ecosystem of middleware, but for some reason we have to duplicate it's functionality in onProxyRes. This doesn't seem right.

@mrt123 's response got us 90% there. But if you need to gzip your response before sending it back out, here's how to do that:

 onProxyRes: (proxyRes, req, res) => {
  let originalBody = Buffer.from([]);
  proxyRes.on('data', data => {
    originalBody = Buffer.concat([originalBody, data]);

  proxyRes.on('end', () => {
    const bodyString = zlib.gunzipSync(originalBody).toString('utf8');
    const newBody = doSomeReplacementStuff(bodyString);

      'content-type': 'text/html; charset=utf-8',
      'content-encoding': 'gzip'
selfHandleResponse: true,

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