Solvedcouchdb proxy authentication documentation needs updating

Can't have proxy authentication working with next configuration:

authentication_handlers = {couch_httpd_auth, cookie_authentication_handler}, {couch_httpd_auth, proxy_authentication_handler}, {couch_httpd_auth, default_authentication_handler}

Expected Behavior

I have "testdb" with next "_security" document:

    "admins": {
        "names": [
    "members": {
        "names": [

I need to send any requests to "testdb" with header: "X-Auth-CouchDB-UserName: testuser" and get success responses:)

Current Behavior

but all I have is:

    "error": "unauthorized",
    "reason": "You are not authorized to access this db."

also sending GET request to "/_session" it responses with:

    "ok": true,
    "userCtx": {
        "name": null,
        "roles": []
    "info": {
        "authentication_db": "_users",
        "authentication_handlers": [

so no "proxy" in authentication_handlers

Also I should mention that I've tried both with require_valid_user=true and false

I was waiting so long for 2.1.0 expecting proxy_authentication to be fixed... I need it for my app...
I can't believe I have to get back to 1.6.1 again:(

Does anyone have the same issue?

I'm using express app as a middleware between client and couchdb.
As possible solution of this problem I'm thinking about generating couchdb cookie on the fly... but it seems overwhelmed to me. Proxy authentication should just work as it is in 1.6.1

Your Environment

  • Version used: CouchDB 2.1.0
  • Browser Name and version: Chrome 60
  • For sending requests I use: Postman 5.1.3
  • Operating System and version: Mac OS 10.12.5
15 Answers

✔️Accepted Answer

I had the same issue and then I moved authentication_handlers from [httpd] into [chttpd] and now proxy auth works for me. Perhaps the doco is wrong ( or it's a bug and it's looking in the wrong section )

I have a copy of my config in a gist here

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