Solvedsequelize typescript Problems with multiple relationships

Hi!, in my project I'm getting the following error:

UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Alias cannot be inferred: "ProjectRecurrence" has multiple relations with "Projects"

My code is:

export default class ProjectRecurrence extends Model<ProjectRecurrence> {


    @ForeignKey(() => Projects)
    project_id: number;

    @BelongsTo(() => Projects, 'project_id')
    projectIdObject: Projects;


    @HasMany(() => Projects, 'project_recurrence_id')
    projects: Projects[];


is a bug? thank you!

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✔️Accepted Answer

Hey @Dragons0458, your setup is totally fine. The issue is the query itself. You have to tell sequelize-typescript which relation to ProjectRecurrence you want to use:

    include: [{
        model: ProjectRecurrence,
        as: 'projectRecurrenceIdObject' // <---

Hope this helps. Feel free to close this issue if my answer solves your problem

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