SolvedHome Please provide a way to reference package ID and version in .target/.props files

It appears that there is no way to reference the package version via a macro in .target/.props files when the package is being packed. Most developers use a hack with $(MSBuildThisFileDirectory), which only works when Import is used in .vcxproj files and backfires when package files are moved into solution folders because package constructs are inserted verbatim into vcxproj.filters files and in that context $(MSBuildThisFileDirectory) refers to the location of the .vcxproj.filters file and not the original target file.

For example (and this is just one example), if I want to include a packaged library in a visible way (instead of jamming it into the additional dependencies), I would want something like this in the package:

    <Library Include="packages\$(NugetPkgID).$(NugetPkgVersion)\build\native\$(Platform)\$(Configuration)\mylib.lib" />

Instead, I'm forced now to use the package ID and version explicitly in .target files, which means that I have to update the version in multiple locations that results in extra maintenance and is quite error-prone. This approach works well with solution folders.

Can you please provide some way to reference the package ID and version in .target/.props files, similar to how you allow these in .nuspec files and MSBuild Nuget builds?

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I have the same problem. I want to have way to specify package ID and version at my .targets file.
For example:

    <Content Include="$(NuGetPackageRoot)$(NugetPkgID)\$(NugetPkgVersion)\build\">

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Home Please provide a way to reference package ID and version in .target/.props files
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