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@doitsujin I decided to make another issue to move the pipeline discussion out of #646.

It occurs to me that the pipelines produced by Vulkan cannot be cached because they are driver specific (and therefore would need to be invalidated by driver updates, provided that they are possible to cache in the first place).

However, the shaders that games pass to DXVK that are processed to create the pipelines can be cached. If DXVK were to dump those into a SQLite database indexed by checksum (or perhaps binary name), it could look up all shaders passed to it in past sessions. If it indexed by binary name, it would be able to begin precompiling pipelines as soon as it is initialized.

We probably would want some sort of decay to delete stale data that is no longer relevant due to game updates and maybe even a second level of decay where we keep the checksum around in case it is just infrequently used (such that we could apply the ARC algorithm or something similar).

This would decouple shader cache invalidation from driver version such that driver updates would not slow things down. If the DXBC is cached, then updates and improvements to DXVK could reuse the cache.

This is just a rough idea, but I wanted to put it out there for consideration. What do you think?

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There's a working implementation in the dxvk-shader-cache-v2 branch. Enable it by setting dxvk.useStateCache = True in the configuration file. Right now, the cache file location is hardcoded to be dxvk.scache next to the game's executable.

Like the original implementation, it caches only the pipeline state vectors, which has the following implications:

  • The cache files are relatively small (the highest I've seen so far is 12 MB for the Unity Blacksmith demo with well over 6000 pipelines)
  • They will survive driver updates and can even be shared with other users if necessary (might become useful in the future, thinking of games like Overwatch here)
  • They will also survive most DXVK updates, unless incompatible changes to the pipeline state have to be made

One of the problems that I've run into with past attempts is that compiling the exact same pipeline multiple times at the same time apparently crashes drivers. The new code works around this issue, and now it appears to be stable.

Other Answers:

This is now implemented in master and enabled by default.

Impressive, with this branch I get the following results on my GTX 1080 with the Arkham Knight built-in Benchmark:

DXVK cache disabled:
Min 17 Max 77 Avg 48
With pre-filled DXVK cache (DXVK: Read 6198 valid state cache entries):
Min 33 Max 90 Avg 54

I invalidated the NVidia cache between runs (using__GL_SHADER_DISK_CACHE_PATH env variable).

Once the Nvidia cache is filled I get more or less identical results when using or not using the DXVK cache (Min 32 Max 91 Avg 54). Very cool that driver updates will no longer have such a huge effect.

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