SolvedValetudo Persistant Maps, No-Go Zones and Virtual Barriers

This issue shall gather information on persistent maps, how they behave etc.

They require a recent firmware and are enabled either by miio set_lab_status with payload [1] or via filesystem access: echo -n "1" > /mnt/data/rockrobo/lab.cfg

To begin, here are a few questions:

  • Is there any reason not to enable them?
  • How does one force a rebuild? Is that even possible?
  • Any change in behavior?
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Hi all, Thank you for all the work down with valetudo.

Using gen2 with firmware 1748 and valetudo 0.3.0 freshly installed with persistent map enabled here what I am experiencing:

save_map creates the file /mnt/data/rockrobo/usermap0 by copying /mnt/data/rockrobo/lastmap
reset_map removes these two files (and also other files)

When it starts a new cleanup, the robot:

  • uses the map stored in /mnt/data/rockrobo/usermap0 (I tried to replace it with an other one and it works as expected),
  • Locates himself on the map (even if you have deplaced it in an other place)
  • Starts the cleanup

Other Answers:

Oh so thats what reset_map does.
We should definitely add support for this in the Web Interface before we start supporting persistent maps.

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