Solvedansible elasticsearch Permissions on elasticsearch.keystore prevent Elasticsearch from starting

From 6.2, and perhaps earlier, it appears the elasticsearch.keystore file is created even if X-Pack security isn't enabled. This then prevents Elasticsearch from starting up

Exception in thread "main" org.elasticsearch.bootstrap.BootstrapException: java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: /etc/elasticsearch/0/elasticsearch.keystore

from tasks/xpack/elasticsearch-xpack.yml

#Make sure elasticsearch.keystore has correct Permissions
- name: Set elasticsearch.keystore Permissions
  become: yes
  file: state=file path={{ conf_dir }}/elasticsearch.keystore owner={{ es_user }} group={{ es_group }}
  when: es_enable_xpack and "security" in es_xpack_features and (es_version | version_compare('6.0.0', '>'))

I'd suggest removing "security" in es_xpack_features.
I can create a PR to relax the conditional, and without testing back on 6.x versions ignore errors. Though based on this and other issues, it seems we need some more automated tests around X-Pack features in enabled/disabled states. I will try to look into this when I get some time.

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This entire problem is being caused by an incorrect mixing of static, read-only configuration (elasticsearch.yml, jvm.options, with writable, run-time files (elasticsearch.keystore).

The /etc directory, and its subdirectories, should not need to be writable by non-privileged users. That's what /var and /tmp are for.

My contention is that elasticsearch.keystore is being improperly stored in /etc/elasticsearch/, when it should really be in something like /var/lib/elasticsearch/, which would be owned by the elasticsearch user. Unfortunately, the location of elasticsearch.keystore does not seem to be configurable.

Other Answers:

Confirming that the issue still exists in 6.3.2, when I tried to start ES after upgrading from 5.6.
In my case, there was no write permission to /etc/elasticsearch, had to explicitly set both guid and w,

chmod g+ws /etc/elasticsearch/

I agree with @kzalewski . I am running elasticsearch in kubernetes, providing its configuration via a ConfigMap. ConfigMaps are read-only, meaning that if I mount it as a directory, and point elasticsearch to that directory as the config location, elasticsearch fails to work. This is a very simple deployment method, and I would really expect it to work.

At the very least, there should be a method to override the keystore location. But, it should probably be completely decoupled from static config by default.

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