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Hi all,

I'm building a multilingual site and would like to have 2 different urls for my section list page.

The content is as follows:


Currently, by default, hugo generates /product and /product/product-1 which is expected.

For multilingual purpose, I want to achieve:




I can achieve /produit/produit-1 by permalinks configuration in config.toml but I don't know how to generate /produit one which will still use my section template page under theme/layouts/section/product.html (same for both language).

Any idea would be very appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

P/S: I tried with putting url and slug in and that seems not working although the content of the file is picked up correctly in the template.

This is issue is referenced by this discussion.

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Just thought I'd chime in and say that this is my single biggest issue using Hugo at the moment, and I think probably the only major roadblock to really powerful multilingual sites.

In my case, I have for example a notes section. In English, I want that section to have the title "Notes", the list page to appear at, and the pages to be at eg.

But, in Japanese, I need that section to have the title 意見 (iken), the list page to appear at and the pages to be at eg.

At the moment, I can get the subpages to have the correct output path (, by using

        notes: /iken/:slug

in my config.yaml, but the list page permalink will still come out at

Even using rewrite rules on Netlify, and throwing some hack-y code into templates and shortlinks using a Param listing these problem sections (ie. index .Site.Params.slugPatches (.Get 0)), I still can't get the permalinks in .Translations to match up.

It means I can't have a URL that makes sense in the target language, and there's no possible workaround that I can find.

On the other hand, if the section's output folder was named after the slug value in the section's frontmatter, just like for single pages, the system would work perfectly (and make a lot of immediate sense). Sections could be correctly translated, and the pages in the sections would have a correctly translated path.

Then, in /content/notes/ I could just put

title: 意見
slug: iken

instead of all those workarounds/.Site.Params/redirect rules.

Other Answers:

@regisphilibert thank you for the example. But sadly this still does not work for sub-sections or scales for multiple sections (as @jonjbar pointed out). The user experience I'd like to see, or I think this thread here is looking for, is described here. In short, it's something around the lines of, the ability to overwrite slug (meaning the part of the url for its specific path level) in its corresponding _index.[$Lang].md front matter.

any news on this?

I have the same issue now, trying to switch to hugo for an existing site. The concept of _index.[lang].md files for sections is great, and it's one of the biggest issues.

Without a doubt, all contributors do an amazing work and I am very thankful for all their effort. I was just citing his own words, which, at least to me, seems to show a bit of an inappropriate attitude in that context.

Regarding .34, I couldn't find any hint of this issue being solved in the release. I already installed the latest release and noticed no difference in the behaviour already described.

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