Solvedwinetricks not able to install dotnet >= 45


Ref. following issue:

Installation of .NET 3.0 (dotnet30) fails
#700 (comment)

'netframework3.exe' can fail also in a similar manner to 'dotnetfx3.exe', executing the command that failed using wine on the command line alone works fine.

'dotnet40' installs OK (depending only on dotnet30), however dotnet45 and above pulls in dotnet35sp1, and also dotnet20 (which conflicts with dotnet >= 45), before failing in one of the ways as outlined above.

Applies to the current default wine and winetricks install on Ubuntu (wine 1.8), however also stable 2.0, and devel and staging 2.1 (with the latest winetricks).

A workaround:

$ wineboot --init
$ wine winecfg  # [ ] change OS to Windows 7
$ wine uninstaller  # [ ] uninstall mono if installed
$ # download .NET 4.52
$ wine /opt/NDP452-KB2901907-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe

.NET 4.62 will install likewise from what I can gather but with a workaround (involves an alternate download).

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For anyone else having this problem a workaround is to run:

winetricks --force dotnet452

The installer for .NET 4.0 will run first, which will ask if you want to remove or repair the installation - either option seems to work fine (selecting remove will give you an error that you cannot remove 4.0 in this context, which then proceeds to install 4.5.2 fine)

Other Answers:

I'm not able to install .NET 4.62, installing with silent mode doesn't work neither

In a clean wine 32 prefix
winetricks dotnet46
installs .Net 2.0 and
error: dotnet46 conflicts with dotnet20, which is already installed.

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