Solvedangular NoOpAnimationDriver error with ng-xi18n

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Current behavior
ng-xi18n with angular 2.4.0 fails with exception Error: Error encountered resolving symbol values statically. Calling function 'NoOpAnimationDriver'. Builds fine with ng build --prod or ng serve.

Expected behavior
Extract xlf without errors

Please tell us about your environment:
angular-cli: 1.0.0-beta.24
node: 6.2.2
os: win32 x64

  • Angular version: 2.4.0

  • Browser: n/a

  • Language: TypeScript 2.0.3

  • Node (for AoT issues): node --version = node: 6.2.2

28 Answers

✔️Accepted Answer

Excluding the "test.ts" file in tsconfig.json resolved the issue for me.

... "exclude": [ "test.ts" ], "angularCompilerOptions": { "genDir": "../locale" } ...

Other Answers:

I'm getting this error but as far as I can remember I'm not trying to use i18 in any part of my project. Is this coming from Material 2? Are there any commonly known modules that raise this issue? I can't start ngc nor ng build --prod or ng build --aot

I'm getting the infamous ERROR in Error encountered resolving symbol values statically. Calling function 'NoOpAnimationDriver'... error

@hansl @chuckjaz @tbosch @matsko

It turns out this is not an issue with i18 at all. The error message shown are simply IRRELEVANT. I found an old project that has worked with --aot and I tried all possible combinations with the tsconfig.json from that old project and got it working. WELL, it is not really working straight away, but it shows some very helpful errors that I needed to resolve until --aot compiles successfully.
In my case, the compiler was complaining about relative URLs to images in the assets folder from different component's .css files as being not found. I fixed all of them and --aot compiled correctly.

*I have WebStorm compile all scss files to css and reference the .css files from my component's styleUrls instead of using ng-cli's built in scss loader, if that's relevant.

    "files": [
        "app/app.module.ts", // Added to my 'broken' tsconfig, relative to `/src`
        "main.ts", // this too
        "typings.d.ts" // this too
    "angularCompilerOptions": {
        "genDir": "aot", // Forgot what my intial value was, but I THINK I changed this
        "skipMetadataEmit": true  // After adding this, the compiler showed me the helpful errors
    "compilerOptions": {
        "baseUrl": "",
        "declaration": false,
        "emitDecoratorMetadata": true,
        "experimentalDecorators": true,
        "lib": [
            "es6", // I think I changed this from es2015 to es6
        "mapRoot": "./",
        "module": "es2015",  // Forgot what my intial value was, but I THINK I changed this
        "moduleResolution": "node",
        "outDir": "../dist/out-tsc",
        "sourceMap": true,
        "target": "es5",
        "typeRoots": [

I also noticed that there is no difference in the output files when using --prod or --prod --aot, is --aot the default now when using --prod?

Following people's recommendation I can confirm I was able to get around this issue by

  1. Adding "exclude": [ "test.ts" ] to the tsconfig.json file

  2. Specifying the tsconfig.json path in the command: "./node_modules/.bin/ng-xi18n" -p src/tsconfig.json as this is where the angular-cli added mine by default

  3. Changing all scss imports to (for example) @import "filename.scss" WITH the filename extension

  4. Fixing any errors as they came up, tended to be with .spec.ts files where I am have accidentally missed things. Can still run ng-serve but the i18n command needed everything fixed

@rexthk if the tsconfig.json TypeScript configuration file is located somewhere other than in the root folder, you must identify the path to it with the -p option:
./node_modules/.bin/ng-xi18n -p src/tsconfig.json

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