SolvedBERTopic No loop matching the specified signature and casting was found for ufunc add

Hi @MaartenGr, Thanks for releasing the new version of BERTopic with Guided Topic Modeling. However, I got an error message for my code

seed_topic_list = [["flight", "air", "norwegian", "aircanada", "air canada", "sas", "stopover", "air france", "airline", "airport"],
                   ["car rental", "car", "rental center", "drover", "ecars", "cars", "car hire", "rent a car", "taxi", "cab", "ground", "chauffeur", "uber"],
                   ["room", "hotel night", "reception", "hotels", "hotel", "rooms","property", "properties", "accommodation"],
                   ["sncf", "sj", "railcard", "railway", "rail", "train", "trains"]]

topic_model = BERTopic(seed_topic_list=seed_topic_list, calculate_probabilities=False)
topics, probs= topic_model.fit_transform(data_de)

The error is

if self.seed_topic_list is not None and self.embedding_model is not None:
--> 287             y, embeddings = self._guided_topic_modeling(embeddings)
TypeError: No loop matching the specified signature and casting was found for ufunc add

I don't think the error is caused by my "data_de", since it works well if I don't specify seed_topic_list. Any suggestions on fixing this error?

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I just tried it out in a Jupyter Notebook but unfortunately could not reproduce your issue. It seems that the issue can be found through a Numba/Numpy combination that does not work well together.

The numba/numpy combo I use in the jupyter notebook/lab sessions:


I would advise installing the versions above since the new Numba release does not support numpy>1.20. See this issue.

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