Solvedaframe No Alpha Channel Video Format capable working on iOS / Apple devices

Currently using the latest versions on PC/Mac/Android/iPhone
My issue is about video formats.
Webm works great but it's not accepted by Apple/iOS.
So I'm looking for an alternative video format that supports Alpha Channel for Apple.
I have tried MOV but it is not playing with aFrame.
What video format does aFrame accept that has alpha channel and is accepted by iOS devices?

It also seems impossible to find anywhere which are the video formats supported by a-Frame.

The only alternative I found for apple was to use animated gifs with the plugin from mayognaise, but that has a big issue, flickering caused when clearing the canvas in between each frame.

It would really be great if you actually told me that there is a alpha channel capable video format supported that works on iOS, as I say documentation about the video formats seems impossible to find

Thank you

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Hello @javismiles
Good that you have found a solution, alternatively have you evaluated APNG?

APNG support is increasing:

By the way I'm trying to test video ( without alpha) with iOs® using webkit-playsinline and playsinlinebut the video does not start, do you have a working example ( with and without alpha)?
Thank you.

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