SolvedWaybar Network sometimes shows as disconnected when it's not

I often get the network shown as Disconnected when it's actually not. Restarting waybar fixes it. Let me know what kind of information you need to debug this.

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I've been able to reproduce this reliably.

System: Arch Linux, systemd-networkd, iwd




Steps to reproduce:

  1. Connect to network A: iwctl station wlan0 connect A
  2. Connect to network B: iwctl station wlan0 connect B
  3. Restart waybar. At this point, the network B should be shown by the Network module.
  4. Connect back to network A: iwctl station wlan0 connect A. The network module will now show a disconnected state.

The problem can be temporarily resolved by either:

  • Restarting waybar
  • Restarting systemd-networkd: systemctl restart systemd-networkd.service

Running waybar with --log-level trace reveals nothing about the bug.

Other Answers:

It seems like #354 came back. I'm also experiencing this.

Experiencing the same issue, but on my end, it seems related to multihead and/or sleep. Whenever I come back from sleep, the status shows disconnected until I reload sway, and sometimes, one of the screen shows my SSID while the other shows up disconnected.

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