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Are there any work arounds for Multiple Initial dates

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v3.0.0 update is definitely a big one. I will be writing a proper guide for it, to explain some stuff. Examples are also a great way to have a look at new API.

Although it may seem like migrating would require a lot of work, it actually should be a rather straightforward and quick process. Many concepts from previous versions still apply, but are used in more flexible and performant ways.

Here is a list of some key features I thought were worth mentioning. You will find a list of most important API modifications underneath it.

Key features:

  • Improved horizontal scrolling animation (no 'blank page' in between two pages).
  • Horizontal swipe boundaries (firstDay and lastDay).
  • Date range selection + background highlight.
  • Multiple date selection.
  • Selective builders - you can now return null in a builder, which will in turn make the widget use a default style. This allows you to selectively override day cell UI - more on that coming soon in examples. This also regards any builder - be it a day cell, a dow cell or a marker.
  • Improved widget performance.
  • Proper state handling on widget rebuilds - CalendarController posed some problems in previous versions.
  • In general, more concise API.

Key modifications:

  • CalendarController is gone. This results in a couple of changes:
    • initialSelectedDay became selectedDayPredicate. This allows to select multiple dates at once. Note that you also can have no selected date now. Basic usage is to store a _selectedDay field and update it via onDaySelected callback.
      selectedDayPredicate: (day) {
      // Use `selectedDayPredicate` to determine which day is currently selected.
      // If this returns true, then `day` will be marked as selected.
      // Using `isSameDay` is recommended to disregard
      // the time-part of compared DateTime objects.
      return isSameDay(_selectedDay, day);
      selectedDayPredicate: (day) {
      // Use values from Set to mark multiple days as selected
      return _selectedDays.contains(day);
    • There is a new required property called focusedDay - it is used to determine which year/month should be currently in view.
    • initialCalendarFormat became calendarFormat. To set the current format manually, just rebuild the widget with updated value.
    • Methods like calendarController.previousPage() and calendarController.nextPage() are replaced by a PageController. You can obtain it from the widget by using onCalendarCreated callback. Its disposing is handled by the widget, so no need to do it manually.
    • You can no longer use properties like visibleDays, visibleEvents or visibleHolidays - this is something that you have to handle yourself if needed.
  • startDay and endDay are renamed to firstDay and lastDay respectively, and are both required. This allows to setup a range of available days; users will not be able to scroll past them.
  • events map is replaced by eventLoader, which gives you a DateTime object and expects you to return a list of events that you want to assign to that date. You can still use the original map for that - but you have much more freedom now. Note that LinkedHashMap is the recommended map type to use.
    eventLoader: _getEventsForDay,
    List<Event> _getEventsForDay(DateTime day) {
    // Implementation example
    return kEvents[day] ?? [];
  • holidays map is replaced by holidayPredicate, which operates in the same manner that selectedDayPredicate does.
  • Callbacks don't return lists of events and holidays. If you need a list of events in onDaySelected, you can call the same thing you are using in eventLoader for single day selection, or you can adapt it for multiple day selection.
    void _onDaySelected(DateTime selectedDay, DateTime focusedDay) {
    // Update values in a Set
    setState(() {
    if (_selectedDays.contains(selectedDay)) {
    } else {
    _selectedEvents.value = _getEventsForDays(_selectedDays);
    _focusedDay = focusedDay;

Other Answers:

Ah I see... Unfortunately there is no built-in support for multiple date selection at this moment. I will be adding it in the future.

Before, onCalendarCreated returns the first day, last day. But now it returns a PageController. but there is no function or property in the page controller to get the first day and last day. Is this possible?

And ... the readme is fairly lacking. it does not mention about onVisibleDaysChanged and how to migrate to the new one.

I have added multiple selection in 3.0.0-beta branch πŸš€

Here is how it works. You can use either multi-selection by tapping on individual dates, or you can select a continuous range of dates by tapping on a startDate and endDate.

Multi-selection Range selection

To use multi-selection:

  • Use onDaySelected callback to get the selected day. Add it to a collection (I'd recommend a Set*).
  • Use selectedDayPredicate to tell the TableCalendar widget which days are selected. You will be given a DateTime object, so just check if it is present in your day collection - and return true/false.
  • To clean the selection, you just need to reset the data inside collection (use .clear() on it). Rebuild the widget afterwards.

* Actually, a LinkedHashSet with equality override would be even better - to compare just the date-part of DateTime object, as their time-part is redundant for us.

Here is a complete example containing all of this.

To use range selection:

  • Use rangeSelectionMode property. Set it to either RangeSelectionMode.toggledOn* or RangeSelectionMode.enforced.
  • Create rangeStart and rangeEnd DateTime fields. Pass them to TableCalendar widget.
  • Use onRangeSelected callback. Update both fields inside it. Rebuild the widget afterwards.

* Range selection can be toggled on/off by longpressing a day cell in TableCalendar. When range selection mode is on, tapping will return ranges (onRangeSelected). When range selection is off, tapping will return single days (onDaySelected). To disable toggling on longpress, use RangeSelectionMode.enforced (always on), or RangeSelectionMode.disabled (always off).

Here is a simple example. Here is a bit more complex example, starting in RangeSelectionMode.toggledOff state.

To use 3.0.0-beta branch, add this to pubspec.yaml:

      url: git://
      ref: 3.0.0-beta

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