Solvedmplfinance mpf and subplots

Hi Daniel!
Thank you for your work to improve mplfinance!
How can I use MPF in old code (I write it by analogy):
fig, (ax1, ax2, ax3) = plt.subplots(nrows=3, ncols=1)
mpf.plot(df, type='candle', ax=ax1)

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Hi Daniel;

I think the ability to add a subplot or a custom indicator to the plot is extremely important, especially for algorithm developers. I create unique indicators all the time and not having a subplot ability would be quite detrimental. In fact, I found this thread after attempting to plot a variation of RSI with mplfinance without success.

Other Answers:

Hi Daniel, wonderful work, thanks so much. Just wanted to add some thoughts.

I second the need for adding additional subplots. Effectively I believe we all are trying to get to this view:

Seems like there are two approaches to consider:

  1. mplfinance owns figure/subplots and you can simply request to add another one below with new data to be plotted. This way you can continue applying all the magic behind the scenes to ease the usage of the library.
  2. mplfinance generates subplots of candlesticks etc. and returns them to the user who is responsible for embedding them in another figure. The pro here is that you can build more complicated figures that just happen to contain price charts.

I believe there is value in both modes, and they can coexist. Imho this feature is essential, I reckon very few traders make decisions based on price chart alone, or would go into trouble of programming to just display price chart with one indicator.

Good luck!

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