SolvedNativeScript Monorepo support

Do you have any clue how should I configure nativescript to be used inside monorepository along with other applications?

The main issue I've encountered is that NS requires me to setup package ID inside root package.json. This will work for one NS application, but how can I add another one?

Apart from that, I'm still struggling with webpack.config.js which is expected to be in the project root. I'd like to place it inside nested directory to avoid polluting root directory. It is possible to provide custom path for webpack.config.js ?

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Hey @NickIliev , thanks for the response.

I don't believe this issues should be closed as the actual issue/feature has been addressed (either discussed and considered for future versions or decided against for whatever reason).

I have used the code sharing above in multiple projects and it works great, but that only address a single app per repo. That is not what we are trying to achieve here. Rather we would like to have multiple apps in one repo to re-use code/modules across the apps.

e.g. if I have 4 apps that all use the same auth module then I don't want to maintain the code in 4 seperate places. Rather if they were all in the same repo then it can be shared.

I'm currently using the nativescript/schematics in one of my projects and looking at the webpack.config.js I see the below. These values are passed in as the env when ns executes the bundling.

    const {
        // The 'appPath' and 'appResourcesPath' values are fetched from
        // the nsconfig.json configuration file
        // when bundling with `tns run android|ios --bundle`.
        appPath = "src",
        appResourcesPath = "App_Resources",

        // You can provide the following flags when running 'tns run android|ios'
        aot, // --env.aot
        snapshot, // --env.snapshot
        uglify, // --env.uglify
        report, //
        sourceMap, // --env.sourceMap
        hmr, // --env.hmr,
    } = env;

Would it not be possible to add an additional flag for a path to a nsconfig.json, defaulting to the root director?

That would allow individual appPath and appResourcesPath per project, effectively achieving what we are after?

I'm happy to look into doing a PR you're open to it when I find some time?


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